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8/22/15- If this time through, we don’t get it right, I’ll come back to you, in another life

I’ve returned to Sacramento, to lay myself to rest. To expunge a lead decay, that’s festered in my chest. It’s alive withing me, it’s tendrils have coaxed through, It’s tapped … Continue reading

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it’s 2 hours before I died 4 years ago, and I’m pretty fucking altered. I pity the service staff that had to give me the 10 or so mimosas because … Continue reading

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Beginning small and subtle But rising, coursing through These cavities within long to swell and bloom. Perspiring without watching Huddled, clinging dew, Furrowed brow, Clinging fingers, Despite this state the … Continue reading

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Don’t wake up honey, as i drift out of bed, lay there unmoving, with me in your head I know this will hurt, but all is hurt anyway make me … Continue reading

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To J.J.

Eli and Sam are walking back from a quick wine/dine at Vic’s Victorian in SF. Eli- I’ve discovered a little conundrum with my preference in girls lately. Sam- Oh, there … Continue reading

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At la scala in walnut creek

I’m chilling at La Scala, be cause it is and has been one of the few refuges from the wholesome awfulness of walnut creek. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not … Continue reading

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– “do my ribs make me look fat?” -“I can’t believe I left my creamer at my old apartment; it’s like the only thing that makes me happy” she said … Continue reading

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Enter – Phenex

There were few sounds as isolating as those slow drops of bath water. Amber hugged her naked knees close. The weighted point of her dripping bangs formed a focal point … Continue reading

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she wore me yesterday, a first in years my arms draped her shoulders my chest to her back waist fitting between high thighs leaning on me, held up by one … Continue reading

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Enter Eli

The galla wasn’t as formidable as it’d been weeks before. Eli made his way between white walls and their ornaments. On the right an exhibit opened up to show an … Continue reading

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